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Life Expectancy Calculator

Our calculator will provide you with the remaining life expectancy of the average Canadian of a particular age and gender, based on the most recent Statistics Canada life expectancy data*.






*Source:  Statistics Canada, Life Table for Canada (2017-2019).


0 yrs
99 yrs
40 Yrs


A 40 year old male is expected to live another

Life expectancy before age 65 is years.

Calculate Present Value:

To Life Expectancy To Age 65

Present Value Calculator

Our immediate present value calculator will provide you with the approximate present value of a future stream of $xxx.xx per year, paid monthly, for a given number of years. You will need to select the appropriate discount rate depending on the type of payments (level or indexed) to be made.

For tort claims in Ontario, the discount rate is set annually as per Rule 53.09 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure and is noted as ON in the discount rate drop-down list.


Present Value Results:

The Present Value of $2500 per year, paid monthly, for 10 years using a discount rate of 3.00% is $21617.17

Court Award Inflation Calculator


Our calculator will provide the current value of a past Court award adjusted for inflation. The current value is calculated using the most recent Consumer Price Index data available. If you are unsure of the month of the Court Award, you can select the Average annual option ("Use Avg. Ann.").


A $ Court award in , adjusted for
inflation*, would be equivalent to $ in
of .


*Calculated using the Consumer Price Index for Canada, all-items, not seasonally adjusted historical data (2002 = 100).
Hand holding a puzzle piece with a question mark Hand holding a puzzle piece with a question mark

The team at McKellar is here to answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Beneficiaries?, I have already received my settlement money, can I buy a structured settlement?, When will I get my direct deposit if the payment falls on a weekend or on a statutory holiday?, What client service help does McKellar provide onlce my structure is in place?, Can I change or cash in my structure?, I am moving, what do I need to do?, I am changing bank accounts, what do I need to do?, Do I have to report my structure payments on my tax return?

It depends on the wording of your original structure contract. To discuss this with our client services representatives, please contact us at 1.800.265.8381 or by email at

A tax-free structured settlement can only be set up if the insurance company settling your claim agrees to it at the time of settlement. Once you have received the settlement money, Canada Revenue Agency will not allow a tax-free structured settlement.

This depends on the practice of your bank. In our experience, most payments are deposited, at the latest, by the end of the first business day after the weekend or holiday.

Our Client Services department provides the following services:

  • Answering questions about existing structured settlements;
  • Advising the life insurers of changes of address, banking or beneficiary information;
  • Preparing confirmation of payment letters to assist in obtaining a mortgage or a loan; and
  • After death, facilitating the smooth transition of any remaining guaranteed payments to the appropriate beneficiary.

Once the structured settlement has been put into place, it cannot be modified in any way. This is required by CRA in order for you to receive your payments tax free. You have the irrevocable right to receive the payments as they were originally designed. While the structure cannot be used as security for a loan, we can, however, provide you with a letter confirming your payments, if you are seeking a loan from a bank or other financial institution.

Please notify us of your new address by sending a change of address form to, or by fax to 519.836.7631. Alternatively, phone us at 1.800.265.8381. If you receive your payments by mail, we need 3-4 weeks notice to ensure there is no interruption in your payments.

Please forward to us, by fax, e-mail or regular mail, a signed void cheque (the correct account holder's name(s) must be embossed in the top left corner) along with your phone number. Once we receive the void cheque, one of our Client Services Coordinators will contact you. If you do not have cheques for the account, you can ask the bank to fax us a direct deposit form (signed by you and a bank representative) or call us at 1.800.265.8381 for more information. In order to ensure uninterrupted receipt of your payments, we should receive your new banking information at least 3 weeks prior to the date of your next payment. Please do not close your old account until you have received your first payment in the new account.

Canada Revenue Agency does not view structured settlement payments as income and therefore they do not have to be reported on your tax return. Structured settlement payments are completely tax free.

Yes. The life company sends out letters, from time to time, referred to as "Certificate of Existence" letters. This is part of their audit process to ensure that their records are current and correct. Simply complete the form and return it in the stamped envelope provided by the life company. If they do not hear from you after an extensive search they may suspend your payments until they can locate you. To avoid any potential disruptions in your payments, please provide our office with any address updates you may have in the future and we will forward them on to the life company on your behalf.