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Life Expectancy Calculator

Our calculator will provide you with the remaining life expectancy of the average Canadian of a particular age and gender, based on the most recent Statistics Canada life expectancy data*.






*Source:  Statistics Canada, Life Table for Canada (2020-2022).


0 yrs
99 yrs
40 Yrs


A 40 year old male is expected to live another

Life expectancy before age 65 is years.

Calculate Present Value:

To Life Expectancy To Age 65

Present Value Calculator

Our immediate present value calculator will provide you with the approximate present value of a future stream of $xxx.xx per year, paid monthly, for a given number of years. You will need to select the appropriate discount rate depending on the type of payments (level or indexed) to be made.

For tort claims in Ontario, the discount rate is set annually as per Rule 53.09 of the Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure and is noted as ON in the discount rate drop-down list.


Present Value Results:

The Present Value of $2500 per year, paid monthly, for 10 years using a discount rate of 3.00% is $21617.17

Court Award Inflation Calculator


Our calculator will provide the current value of a past Court award adjusted for inflation. The current value is calculated using the most recent Consumer Price Index data available. If you are unsure of the month of the Court Award, you can select the Average annual option ("Use Avg. Ann.").


A $ Court award in , adjusted for
inflation*, would be equivalent to $ in
of .


*Calculated using the Consumer Price Index for Canada, all-items, not seasonally adjusted historical data (2002 = 100).
Structured Settlements
One hundred dollar bills One hundred dollar bills

A guaranteed tax-free paycheque for injured plaintiffs.

A structured settlement is a guaranteed tax-free paycheque, only available to people who are settling personal injury claims. It’s created when a part of a personal injury settlement is deposited with a life insurance company in exchange for guaranteed tax-free payments for a plaintiff’s lifetime or a certain period of time.

The McKellar Guide

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Settlement money is often paid to provide for lost wages and future medical and care needs that are required as a result of an injury. Knowing the importance of these needs, many people are reluctant to take risks with this money. 

Earnings on ordinary investments are taxable. Most investments offering higher returns are risky and charge annual management fees. Earnings from ordinary investments may also eliminate or reduce access to many income-tested government benefits and credits. Since structure payments are not considered income, they enable people to maintain that eligibility and keep more money in their pocket.

The McKellar Structured Settlement is the ideal solution…certainty of payment, preservation of benefits, with no fees charged and no income tax payable—ever!

The McKellar Guide

In order to provide our clients with some general information on structured settlements, we have created an easy-to-read guide entitled “Protecting Your Future: Your Guide to Structured Settlements”.

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