Always At Your Fingertips!

May 28, 2020

Many of you already know and love the annual McKellar Slide Rule that we mail out each year.

But some of you still don’t know about the free McKellar mobile smartphone app.  It has the same life expectancy and present value information as the original, but is always available at your fingertips! The life expectancy calculator allows you to determine the remaining life expectancy of Canadians at any age, while the present value calculator estimates the present value of a future annual income stream, paid monthly, for a given term and discount rate.

The app even lets you calculate present values for deferred start dates!

Whether you’re a person who can’t live without a copy of your slide rule tucked into your briefcase, or you prefer it on your smart phone – or both - McKellar has you covered! Click here to download the McKellar Slide Rule App or email to request additional hard copies of our slide rule.