Happy International Women's Day

March 8, 2022

Each year as International Women’s Day arrives, I make some time for reflection – to take stock of the successes and continuing struggles of the women closest to me, and those around the world.

I am exceptionally proud to be President of a company that values diversity, and has clearly made a successful transition over the years from a very small start-up, to a large and vibrant company of over 40 people - with an equal place at the boardroom table for women.  In fact, six of our ten owners are women.

Internally, we see the many benefits of that inclusiveness for our clients, employees and each other.  Our diverse perspectives and personalities allow us to offer collaborative support and assistance to those inside and outside of our company.  Though we are still a small business, I believe McKellar is representative of the progress that has been made by women and for women over the years.

This is a small example of what has been achieved, and we do know that there is much still to be done.  There is still a need to shed light on the struggles and efforts of many women in Canada and around the world.  As we see only too well and too often, many women still face life and death struggles daily. Others are working hard to be contributors, mothers, caregivers, role models, and people who make a difference in this world.

Today, please take a moment to reflect on the wonderful women in your life, and pay heed to the struggles of those you may not know.