McKellar Celebrates 40 Years of Providing Financial Certainty to Injured Plaintiffs

April 1, 2019

McKellar celebrates its 40th anniversary on April 1st, 2019.  On this occasion, we would like to extend our most sincere appreciation to our loyal and supportive clients, who have made our company the success that it is.  We are truly grateful.

When Frank McKellar started our company on April 1st, 1979, with a commitment to pioneer structured settlements in Canada, to benefit catastrophically injured accident victims and everyone involved in resolving personal injury claims, it was no April Fools' Day joke!  Four decades later, McKellar Structured Settlements Inc. is the largest structured settlement company in Canada.  The challenges and roadblocks we have faced in nurturing and growing the structured settlement business have only served to increase our passion and drive to succeed.

Over the years, we have refused to deviate from our objective of providing first class service to all of our clients:  personal injury lawyers, both plaintiff and defense; claims people and their companies; and most important of all, injured accident victims.  Thanks to our wonderful clients and with the support of the most diligent and dedicated staff imaginable, McKellar has risen to every challenge and grown, all while continuing as the leader in our industry.

For the future, we remain committed to conducting our business as we have always done and as our clients deserve.  We thank our clients for the support which has gotten us to this milestone and hope that they share the pride we feel in celebrating our 40th anniversary!