Structured Settlements Offer Calm During the Storm

March 13, 2020

Many personal injury clients say “no” to structured settlements on the basis of projections from financial advisors suggesting they can do better.

This week, our Client Services Department has fielded anxious calls from plaintiffs who have seen news reports and have asked for reassurance about their structured settlement payments.

For each and every client, we are able to reassure them that their structured settlement payments remain in pay, tax-free, and above all, safe.

Many of us are looking at news of the investment markets with alarm.  Words like “panic” and “frenzy” have not been uncommon. The markets have halted trading twice this week alone.

While many of us are worried, most of us will weather the recent downturns because we’re in those investments for the long term.  If we have a job to go to each day, we tell ourselves we’ll ride out the storm and keep going.

But imagine what might be happening right now in the home of the personal injury plaintiff who decided not to structure, and instead was counting on a traditional investment portfolio for immediate and reliable income to support their current and ongoing needs.

For many of these plaintiffs, with no ability to work because of their injuries, and no additional funds to “ride out” the storm, these losses could be devastating. Their portfolios might never recover.

Before your clients sign that Final Release, urge them to meet with a structured settlement professional before they say “no” because of “better returns” somewhere else.  The advice of a structured settlement professional is free, is without obligation, and represents a one-time opportunity to trade some of their settlement funds for a future with financial certainty and peace of mind.