You are never too old to structure - a first person account

May 15, 2017

I thought I was too old for a structured settlement.  I thought structures were only for young people with long lives ahead of them.  How could a structure possibly benefit me?

Unlike my parents I do not have a defined pension plan.  A structured settlement gives me a guaranteed monthly pension - tax-free! Not only that, it does not appear on my tax return, so I continue to receive my full Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, HST Credit and other means-tested government benefits or credits I might be entitled to receive.

My structure protects me.  The seniors’ community has recently become a popular target of scams.  My structured settlement cannot be taken from me, and I have secured the integrity of my financial future.

I have always wanted to leave loved ones with some money for their future but I never had the chance to save a large nest egg.  At my age and current health it is simply too expensive to purchase life insurance.  With my structured settlement, however, I have guaranteed payments which will flow (tax-free) to my loved ones if I am not alive to receive the full guaranteed term of payments.

I’ve realized that a person is never too old to structure.  A secure, tax-free paycheque can benefit anyone at any age!

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