Inside McKellar - A Staff Member’s Perspective

April 24, 2019

April 24th is Administrative Professionals Day – a day when business owners have an opportunity to thank the often unsung heroes of our workday lives.  At McKellar, our commitment to excellence cannot succeed without the very highest calibre of professionals who ensure that our many deadlines are met each day, without fail.

Our own administrative support team is 27 people strong, and today we offer a big “thank you” to each and every one of them.

In honour of those integral team members, today’s blog is brought to you courtesy of one of the many exceptional employees who help McKellar remain the leader in structured settlements.

Inside McKellar - A Staff Member’s Perspective

Like many employees at McKellar, I have been with the firm for a number of years, starting shortly after completing university. Many of us “grew up” at McKellar, going through major life changes such as getting married and having children, all while working here. To me, this company is a second home and the people here are family.

From the very beginning, McKellar taught me that as a representative of the firm, my goals are to provide:

  • The most effective and efficient customer service;
  • The most accurate figures; and
  • The highest level of commitment to our clients and our company.

One of the first things I noticed when I started years ago is that this company takes great pride in helping our clients.  From assisting in designing structure options that best suit each person’s unique needs to working diligently to obtain the highest payment possible when a structure is set up, our clients’ best interests are always foremost in our minds.  That has never changed in the many years I have been employed here.

It still amazes me how our various departments work together harmoniously to ensure our clients have the best experience we can give them.  From the very first contact, our Receptionist determines the best person to handle each call, our Principals and Analysts work with our clients to determine exactly what is required, and our Brokerage team works quickly to obtain the quotes needed so the Analysts can prepare the requested reports. When each structure is put in place, our Accounting Department ensures the structure funding is received and the structure is purchased in a timely manner. Our Legal Department then helps to prepare the draft settlement documentation to ensure there are never any tax issues with the structure. Once we have reported out on each structure, our Client Services Department remains available to our clients for as long as they need assistance, no matter how far into the future that may be.

Amidst the hard work, we also have fun. We joke with each other every day, eat lunch together, enjoy good times together and, sometimes, cry together through tough times. We are a close-knit company where the newest employees and the longest-serving ones are all encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas.

McKellar has taught me to strive for excellence, to work with passion, and that workplaces exist that make you proud to come to work each day. Whenever anyone asks me what sets McKellar apart from other structure companies and why I love working here, the answer is easy - McKellar cares.